Warm-Up Exercise

This website includes a 'warm up' exercise for students enrolled in summer economics classes at the University of Toronto (2020). The purpose of the exercise is to share your experiences with COVID-19 and those of others so that the University can learn how better to help ensure continued academic success and well-being.

Students who complete the warm-up exercise and a short follow-up at the end of the term will receive 2 percentage points towards their final grade. Completion requires logging in using your utorid and following the exercise until told you are finished.

The exercises should take about 30 minutes to complete. You will need to concentrate and process what you are being asked, so try to complete them when you are feeling alert and relatively unrushed. Do not use your phone (in fact, please turn it off to avoid distraction). There are no right or wrong answers.


Need help or have questions? Email warmup@utoronto.ca.